How to Make a New Competency Review Cycle

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Apart from Performance Review, in the Review Cycle, you can create a new cycle review with 2 (two) other different cycle objectives, namely Competency and Evaluation Review. Each review cycle requires arrangements related to the review period, the review method used, and when the review results will be published. The cycle that has been made up to its progress will be summarized in the Overview cycle chart, you can learn about it here.

In this guide, we will explain how to make a Competency Review cycle with the aim of assessing the competence of each individual employee. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click the Review Cycle menu.
    PR1. png
  3. Click "Create New Cycle".
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  4. On the Create your cycle pop-up, select Competency review. Fill in the name of the cycle to be created. Try to make the cycle name complete and detailed as shown below. Then, click "Create".
    CR1. png
  5. Then, you will be redirected to the Create new cycle page to complete the form. 
    CR2. png
    No. Column/button names Description
    1 Edit cycle name Buttons to change the cycle name or change the purpose of the cycle: performance, competency, or evaluation.
    2 Assessment objective You can choose one of these competency assessment objectives:
    • Assess employee competency for current position.
    • Assess employee of successor for succession plan.
    3 Who will be reviewed in this cycle? Select the employee names that will be included in the assessment period by clicking "Select employees". Or, select all employees by clicking the "Select all employees" checkbox.
    4 Time frame for this cycle Select the review time frame for the period the employee's performance will be assessed.
    • Custom: Custom timeframe.
    • Monthly: Monthly timeframe.
    • Quarterly: The period of time per quarter.
    • Half-yearly: Semester timeframe.
    • Yearly : The period of time per year.
    5 Start cycle on

    Fill in the start and end limits of the period to be assessed.

    The end date automatically follows the selected time frame category, except for the custom category.

    6 review period Enter the review value input period. The start date will be automatically selected H+1 from the “end date” time frame. Meanwhile, End Date Displays the deadline for input values ​​and can be extended if necessary.
    7 Repeat cycle automatically after this cycle ends If this information is enabled, the cycle will automatically repeat after the cycle ends.

  6. Then, proceed to the next section on the Create review cycle page, which is a review method based on the job position.

    -If you select Competency review, then the list of Employees displayed will be employees whose job positions already have competency assignments.
    - If you select the objective "Assess employee of successor for succession plan", then the system will add a list of employees who have been determined as successors from the selected succession plan. You can still add other employees if you want to be assessed for the same succession plan purposes.
    - Specifically for Competency review, choosing a Template is optional because competency groups and assigned items will be the main indicators.

CR3. png

No. Column/button name Description
1 Enable lock edit for review

Check to lock the edit review feature, so that the review cannot be edited or reset after submission unless there is a request. You can also disable this function when the cycle has been successfully created, via the action item on the cycle review page.

Click Click "View settings" to take advantage of the shortcut feature to ESS Settings to set approval rules including the approval layer. Learn more here.

2 Manager reviews

Click the toggle button to activate the Manager review method (Managers review their team of employees).

CR4. png- Automatically Assign the Employee Manager to Each Selected Member: Checkmark to automatically assign a supervisor as a reviewer based on the employee approval line. 
- Display Review Result in Details: Checkmark so that employees can see the review results of each reviewer in detail. 
- Allow employees to pick their goals before the review starts: This option can be checked only if you have checked Include Goals which is only available in the Performance and Evaluation Review.

3 360-degree reviews Click the toggle button to activate the 360-degree review method (Reviews from subordinates, colleagues at the same level, and managers).
- Display 360 review results for managers: Checkmark so that managers can see the results of reviews or pending reviews. 
- Let member pick their co-worker: Checkmark so members can choose which co-workers to review. 
- Allow reviewers to reject review tasks: Checkmark to allow reviewers to reject review assignments.
CR5. png
4 review team Click the toggle button to activate the Team review method (Employees review colleagues from one team). - Template options: Click to select a team review template.
CR6. png
5 Self review Click the toggle button to activate the Self-review method (Employees review personal abilities). - Template options: Click to select a team review template. - Self Review first before Manager Review: Checkmark to apply for Self Review first before conducting Manager Review.
CR7. png
6 Use weights This checkbox is active if you select more than 1 (one) review method. This feature works so that your review score is calculated based on the weight you set.
CR8. png
7 Publish score after

Determining when the results of the review will be shared with employees.

- Complete Review: Publish score can be done if all reviewers have collected all their reviews.

- Review Period End: Publish score can be done if it has passed the end review period date.

- Both: Publish scores can be done if all reviewers have collected all their reviews and have passed the end date of the review period.

8 Cancel/Submit You can click the "Cancel" button to return to the previous page or click "Submit" to save the Review Cycle.
  1. The review cycle that you have created will appear on the start page of the Review Cycle sub-menu.
    CR9. png

This is a guide to making a cycle review for the purpose of competency review. Furthermore, you can learn how to view the details of your review results, here.