How to Manage Access Role Reimbursement Disbursement

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On Talenta, you as the Super Admin can make access role settings to make reimbursement disbursement arrangements. But before that, you can learn how to set up Talenta's access role, here.

Here are the steps.

  1. Click the profile icon in the upper right corner, then select Account Settings .
  2. Click the Users tab and select Access Role.
  3. In the Role Type section select Default then check View if you want the role you created to see reimbursement disbursement and Create if you want that role to be able to make reimbursement disbursement.
  4. You can also select Role Type Custom, then select it the access you want.pasted
  5. Click "Edit Restriction" if you want to make restrictions based on certain criteria.pasted
  6. Then here, you can edit the criteria for employees who can access the payroll menu based on Organization, Job Position, Job Level and Branch.pasted
  7. If the role settings are complete, click "Save".pasted

This is an explanation of how to set access roles for reimbursement disbursements. After this, you can see How to Create a New Reimbursement Submission Policy.