How to Make a Headcount Submission on Manpower Planning Talenta

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You can make Headcount requests on the Requisition tab based on the selected month. Following are the steps for making a Headcount request on the Requisition tab.

  1. Enter the Employee menu then select Manpower Planning.
  2. Then click the Requisition tab.
  3. Click the “Request” button at the top right of the page then select “New Headcount”.
  4. Next, a page like the following will appear.
  5. Select the period for which you want to add the headcount. You can also tick Period with range to set the period range based on the selected month.
  6. Select Job Position and Employment Status.
  7. Select the company branch that requires Headcount.
  8. Fill in the Description column to add special criteria to the selected job position.
  9. Add supporting attachments for the Headcount that you are submitting by clicking "Select file".
  10. Next, enter the total Headcount request you want. It should be noted that the Current Headcount will continue to change due to the addition of employees (add employees), resigning employees, rehiring employees, and employee transfers of job positions & employment status.

    Make sure the total request does not exceed the total planned account that has been set.

  11. Your proposed headcount looks like this. You can click "View details" to see the request you submitted in detail.

    Your submission must be approved first.

  12. Then the Headcount will look like this.
  13. Click "Save" to save.

This is an explanation of how to submit a headcount application to the Manpower Planning Talenta. If you want to learn how to manage HR planning, click here.