How to Manage Attendance Report

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Attendance Reports on Talenta show detailed attendance information. Usually, this report is used to see when employees are present for work and when employees are absent from work.

On Talenta, you can access employee attendance data reports for a certain period by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Payroll menu.
  2. Click “View Reports”.
  3. You can set the reporting period and also employee attendance information at a particular branch that you will see.
  4.  Select “Attendance Report”.
  5. You can view employee attendance reports according to a predetermined time period by clicking “Attendance Report”.
  6. Furthermore, on the Attendance Report page, you can input "Start Date" as the start date and "End Date" as the end date of the reporting period to be shown.
  7. To apply the report period, click the "Submit" button.
  8. Use filters such as branches, departments, components, and others to make it easier to access the required data.

    You can use the "Reset Attendance Filter" button to cancel all filters currently in use.

  9. Next, select the name of the employee for whom you want to view attendance reports.
  10. Then click "Download XLS" to download the report in Excel.
  11. Next, an information pop-up will appear, as shown below. Click "Check Your Inbox" to see the results of downloading employee attendance data from the system.
  12. You will be directed to the Inbox menu as follows. Click on the message containing your downloaded file.
  13. If you download in PDF format, the results will be as follows.

    - H (Hadir): Employee clocks in and/or clocks out, click here to learn about attendance Talenta.
    - NCI (No Check In): Employees do not check in attendance.
    - NCO (No Check Out): Employees do not check out attendance.
    - LI (Late In): Employees arrive later than the check-in schedule should be.
    - EO (Early Out): Employees leave earlier than the check out schedule should be.

That's how to view attendance reports on Talenta. Learn about other reports in Talenta here.