How to Synchronize and Approve Employee Attendance Data for Talenta Portal Offline

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If you have roles as Super Admin, you can synchronize and approve employee attendance data. This synchronization process can be done if the internet network is activated and the approval process can only be done on the Web version of Talenta.

Here are the steps:

  1. Activate the internet network on your Tablet/Smartphone.
  2. Then the system will perform the synchronization process as follows.

    In the synchronization process, the system does not only synchronize employee attendance data, but the system will also validate face recognition for each data that will be sent to Talenta.

  3. If the synchronization process is successful, a notification will be indicated as follows.
  4. Then, log in to your Web version of your Talenta account and go to Message Menu.
  5. Then you will see a message coming from the synchronization process that you did before.
  6. Then detailed data information that has been successfully synchronized will be shown, and you can click "here" to approve the employee attendance list from the Talenta Portal.

    - Information on Successfully synced/Unsuccessfully synced can also be found on Company Menu > User Activity Log.
    - Successfully synced, meaning that the employee's face detected by the system has passed validation.
    - Unsuccessful synced, This means that the employee's face detected by the system does not pass validation and needs to be approved.

  7. After that, you will be redirected to the Approval Request page.

    You can find the Attendance Activity page on the Time Management Menu > Attendance.

  8. In this section, there is a Reason column that you can use to see the reasons why the system refuses to allow employee attendance data to be validated in the system.

  9. Then you can click "Approve" to approve the employee attendance data. And click the icon “Trash Bin” to reject the approval of employee attendance data.

    - If you reject the employee attendance approval, the employee will receive a notification via Talenta Mobile notification.
    - Approved employee attendance data will appear in the employee's Attendance Log.

  10. You can also approve employee attendance data, on the View photo page, by clicking "Approval". And click "Reject" to reject the approval of employee attendance data.
  11. You can also approve employee attendance data in bulk by checking the employee data that you want to approve or reject. Then click "Action" select "Approve Attendance" and click "Reject attendance" to reject the approval of employee attendance data.
  12. Employee attendance data that you have approved, rejected or those that are still pending will appear on the Overview tab page.

This is an explanation of how to synchronize and approve employee attendance data for Talenta Portal Offline. Also learn how to manage Talenta Portal, here.