How to View Activities

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On the Activities Tab, you can monitor all work done by employees. The information displayed will be based on the specified week period. You can also download this information in Excel format.

Here are the steps:

  1. Enter the Company Menu.
  2. Click "Tasks".

    Or select the Task tab here.

  3. Click Timesheet then click Activities.
  4. Enter the name of the employee you want to see work done for.
  5. Specify the date period.
  6. Then a list of work tasks will appear as follows.
  7. You can also view information per date by selecting a date. In the Total section, the total time for completing all tasks in the displayed week period will appear.
  8. You can click the "Export XLS" button to download into Excel.

    - XLS export can only be downloaded for weekly data.
    - XLS export can only be accessed by super admin, admin, users as approval line and users who have subordinates by  job position .
    - Click Custom export to filter the data sheet to be downloaded. You can customize the period in the Select date columns and/or filter employee names in the Employee column. To start downloading it, click “Export XLS”.

This is an explanation of how to view activities. You can also learn how to use the time tracker, here.