How To Manage Reimbursement Policy Settings

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You as a user with Superadmin or Admin roles have the authority to manage settings related to Reimbursement policies. This can be done via the Finance menu and the Reimbursement submenu.

Now, you can set View Reimbursement Payslip by following this guidebook.

  1. Go to the Finance menu, and select Reimbursement.
  2. Click “View Setting”.
    Then the display will look like the following.

    - Set Default: If checked, the reimbursement policy will automatically apply to new employees.
    - Emerge at join (Default Only): If checked, the balance of the reimbursement policy applies per join date.
    - Mandatory Upload File: If it is checked, when an employee submits a reimbursement it is obligatory to attach a file.

  3. Click "Save".

This is an explanation of how to manage reimbursement policy settings. To learn about how to assign reimbursement, click here.