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Settings menu is a menu used to make various settings that will be used to operate the use of Talenta system for the company's HR administration and finance process. In the settings menu, you can make settings regarding company information, integration, etc.

The following is a brief explanation of the Settings menu


No Tab Name Explanation
1 Account Preferences Manage account settings such as:
  • Profile Photo,
  • Account Password, and
  • Salary Slip Password.
2 Company Manage company settings such as:
  • Company Info
  • Branch List
  • Adding a company branch
  • Organization Structure
  • Job Level
  • Job Position
  • Grade & Class
  • Auto Generate Format
  • My Files Category
  • Custom Field
  • NPP
3 Time Management

1. Manage time settings related to attendance in the form of:

  • Schedule
  • Shift
  • Break
  • Attendance Machine

2. Manage time off arrangements.

3. Manage time arrangements related to overtime in the form of:

  • Overtime Company
    such as: overtime hour rounding, overtime hour multiplier, overtime compensation, payment terms, automatic settings, and overtime payment schedule.
  • Overtime policy (Master Overtime)
    such as: adding new overtime policies based on the existing ones, and setting default overtime conditions.
  • Overtime policy per employee (Master Overtime Employee)
    such as: setting overtime payment schedules and overtime policies for employees.
4 Payroll Payroll Manage payroll component settings such as:
  • Payroll Schedule
  • Cut Off settings
  • Payroll Component and Rates
  • Pro-rate settings
  • Basic Absence Calculation Settings
  • THR Arrangement
  • Time Off Compensation
  • Payment Schedule
  • Resign Compensation
5 Finance Financial arrangements in the form of reimbursement.

ESS settings in the form of:

  • Approval
  • Delegation
  • Module Settings
7 Users Mengelola pengaturan pengguna berupa: Manage user settings such as:
  • User List & Invite Users Settings
  • Access Role Settings
  • Onboarding Setting
  • Task Setting
8 Integrations Manage integration settings with various other applications.

This is a brief explanation of the Setting Menu. Learn how to manage employee ESS display settings here.