How to Manage Delegations

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Delegation is a feature to do parallel layer approval. If delegation is done, the request will go to two people, namely the actual approver and the person who was delegated. The response to the request can only be made once, namely by the user who first took the action ( approve or reject ). But before that, you can first learn how to set the approval layer here.

Follow these steps to manage delegates:

  1. Enter the Account Settings menu.
  2. Click the "ESS” tab.
  3. Then select the Delegation tab.
  4. Click “New”.
  5. Select the delegate in the Delegate From field and the delegate recipient in the Delegate To field.
  6. Select the time range for the delegation policy in the Start Date and End Date fields.
  7. Checklist what tasks you want to delegate.
  8. Click “Save”.

Once the delegate is created, you can also set a notification reminder. This feature allows you to get notifications about requests that need to be approved on the Need My Approval menu.