How to Set Up Email & Push Notif Approval Reminder

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Email & Push Notif Approval Reminder is a feature used to fasten the approval process. By activating this feature, users who act as approvers will receive email reminders and notifications on their smartphones regularly to minimize the waiting period for pending requests and can immediately accept or reject requests submitted. 

To be able to use this feature, you need to activate it first in the Settings menu by the Super Admin role. You can also view the approval list on the Messages menu.

Here are the steps.

  1. Enter the Company Setting menu.
  2. Then select the ESS tab.
  3. Then click “Module”.
  4. Scroll down, then check the Notify when any pending request feature.
  5. Then several features will appear as follows.
  6. There are 2 types of reminders that you can activate. First, you can tick the Email column if you want the approver to receive reminders via email.
  7. Second, check the Push notification column if you want the approver to receive reminder notifications via smartphone.
  8. You also need to choose when you want approval reminders to appear regularly.

    Daily: Reminders will be sent every day.
    Weekly: Reminders will be sent weekly.
    Monthly: Reminders will be sent monthly.
    A notification will appear at (00:00).

  9. The following is the display of the notification that appears on the approver email.

    When clicked, you will immediately go to the Inbox page.

  10. Meanwhile, the following is the display of the push notification that appears on the approver's smartphone.
    When clicked, you will go directly to the Need My Approval page. On Talenta mobile, there are several types of submissions that require approval such as reimbursement, time off, attendance, overtime, change data, and change shift.