Calendar Overview

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To monitor all information related to leave, birthdays, and events that occur within a certain period of 1 month, you can access the Calendar Menu on your Talenta Mobile Home screen.

The information that appears regarding the list of employees on leave and birthdays is in accordance with the settings in the Settings >> ESS menu made by the Super Admin user.

Here are the steps:

  1. On the Talenta Mobile Home screen, click Calendar.
  2. Select the period of the month you want to display.
  3. You can see your remaining leave and Request Time Off in the Calendar.
  4. Click the On Leave tab to see a list of employees currently on leave.
  5. Click the Birthday tab to see a list of employee birthdays.
  6. Click the Events tab to see a list of public holidays and company events.

This is an overview of the Calendar on Talenta Mobile. Furthermore, you can briefly learn about the Time Off menu here.