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To monitor all information related to leave, birthdays, and events that occur within a certain period of 1 month, you can access the Calendar Menu on your Talenta Mobile Home screen.

The information that appears regarding the list of employees on leave and birthdays is in accordance with the settings in the Settings menu, ESS tab made by the Super Admin user.

Here are the steps:

  1. On the Talenta Mobile Home screen, click Calendar .
  2. Then the following display will appear.
    No. Feature name Explanation
    1. Drop down Change Month To change month.

    You can click the icon if you want to change the month and year. Next, the following display will appear.3.png

    2. Today  Current date.

    When you open the calendar module in Talenta mobile, today's date will automatically be selected.

    3. Calendar The display will display calendar dates and each date will have a dot if there is an agenda in that category. The agenda consists of Company events, Company holidays, Special holidays and Public holidays.
    4. View all events this month To see all the agenda for this month.

    You can also view event details by selecting one of the available events, then a display like the following will appear.

    5. Events All agenda items for the selected date will appear in this column.
  3. There are 4 categories that appear in the Events column, such as:
  4. The Activities column contains details of the company agenda.
  5. The Time off column contains a list of employees taking leave along with information on the amount of leave taken.

    Each leave data can be opened to display detailed information such as employee ID & employee name, policy name, date (can be a date range for pending data), status (will show pending & approved requests) and the person who approved your leave.

  6. The Holidays column contains national holidays, company holidays, and special holidays.
  7. The Birthday column contains a list of employee birthdays.

    For Time off & Birthday, follow the existing settings where the employee list can be limited to the organization (in the Settings Menu, select the ESS tab, and select the Module tab).

This is an overview of the Calendar on Talenta Mobile. Furthermore, you can briefly learn about the Time Off menu here.