How to Bulk Import One-Time Payroll Component

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In Talenta, there are three types of components that can be added in nominal terms: monthly allowances and deductions (not based on formulas and prorated calculations), one-time allowances and deductions, and bonuses.

If you want to input a nominal bonus or allowance (one time) in bulk, you can do it immediately when you run payroll. Use the Export button to download the template and the Import button to upload your completed file.

Following are the steps for adding a one-time payroll nominal in bulk:

  1. Go to the Payroll menu.
  2. Select Run Payroll.
  3. Choose the period in which the payroll will be processed.
  4. Next, select the payroll schedule on the Payment Schedule tab if there are several different payroll processing schedules. Select Payment schedule.

    Select the default payment schedule if there is only one payroll processing schedule.

  5. Activate or check Custom Date for BPJS Kesehatan (Social Security Agency of Health) then select a custom date month if you want to use the BPJS rate for a certain month.
  6. Click "Select Employees" if you only want to process the payroll of certain employees.
  7. Then type the employee's name and click the employee's name or click the "+" symbol.
  8. Then click "Submit" to save.
  9. You can also tick "Select all employees" to select all employees.
  10. Click "Next".
  11. Click "Export" to download the template.
  12. Complete the information on the template.

    Fill in Employee Id with the employee ID, Component Name with the name of the one-time component, and Amount with the nominal amount of the one-time component.

  13. Click "Import" if you want to upload the file that you have completed.

    The Reset This Period button is used to delete components that have been manually inputted.

  14. Then the nominal one-time payroll will also increase.
  15. Then, click "Run".

That's how to import one-time payroll components in bulk. To learn how to access the salary report, click here.