How to Update Time Off Balance (Employee Leave Balance)

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If there is a change in the employee leave balance, either in addition or reduction, you can use the Update Time Off Balance feature on Talenta to make adjustments. Users with access to the Superadmin or Admin role can perform this activity.

Here are the steps.

  1. Go to the Time Management menu, and select Time Off.
  2. Click “Assign or Update”.

  3. Then you will be taken to a page like the following, click the “New” button
  4. Select the type of leave policy in the Policy Name field.
  5. In the Type field, select Update.
  6. Fill in the Description field with an explanation regarding the leave balance that will be updated.
  7. Click "Add" to select the employee whose leave balance you want to update.
  8. In the "Input Balance" field, enter the number of days to add or reduce the leave balance.

    Use the minus sign (-) to reduce the balance

    - If you want to add the leave balance from 10 to 15, then enter the number 5.
    - If you want to reduce the balance from 15 to 10, then enter -5 (the number with a minus sign).

  9. Determine the Start Date (the date the leave balance takes effect) and the End Date (the leave balance ends).
  10. Select the employee whose leave balance you want to update.
  11. then, click "Save".
  12. Then, the list of employee names that have been selected will be entered on the Transaction Time Off Detail page.

    You can still delete the list of names that have been selected or change information on leave balance, start date, and end date in this section.

  13. If all transactions are complete, click "Save".

This is an explanation of how to Update the Time Off Balance. You can also see the Time Off Balance through this menu. Click here for a more detailed explanation.