Schedule Menu Overview

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Scheduler is a sub-menu for managing employee work schedules. Each employee is required to have one basic work schedule, even though later the employee may work random shifts. Work Schedule (Schedule) consists of work patterns (patterns) that have been previously made in the settings menu.

To access it, you can enter the Time Management menu and then select the Scheduler submenu.

The following shows the Schedule submenu.


No. Column Description
1. Index Field to display employee information
2. Schedule Field to display employee schedule every day
3 Filter Button to filter by:
- Status
- Organization
- Branch
- Job Position
- Job Level
- Employement Status
4 Column Button to add a column to Index table
5 Import Buttons to add or change employee work schedules in bulk.
6 Export Button to download employee work schedule template.
7 Guidebook  Button to read the manual regarding the Schedule menu
8 Search Manage the search for employee schedule information based on keywords or the options provided.
9 Employee’s Schedule Table Displays employee information
10 Assign Schedule Button to set employee work schedule
11 Row per Page To set the row to be displayed on the index page

This is an explanation of the Scheduler menu. Learn How to Add or Change Employee Schedules, here.