How to Input Overtime by Superadmin/Admin

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Users with Admin or Superadmin roles have the authority to directly enter Overtime data for other employees. Apart from the Overtime submenu, you can also use the Attendance menu to directly enter overtime data without the need to go through the Approval stage. There are two ways to enter Overtime data through the Attendance menu, namely manually by changing Employee Attendance data or by using the Import feature in bulk. In this section, you will learn about both ways to enter employee overtime data.

Here are the steps:

A. Enter Overtime manually

  1. Enter the Time Management menu and select Attendance.
  2. In the Date column, select the date you want to input data for.
  3. Then the employee attendance data will appear on the specified date.
  4. Click the "pencil" icon on the employee data whose overtime you want to input.
  5. Check Overtime and fill in the information regarding the duration of overtime and the duration of breaks during overtime if any.


    - Overtime Before is overtime done before working hours.
    - Overtime After is overtime that is done after working hours.
    - Overtime Before/AfterBreak will reduce the duration of overtime before/after.
    When entering overtime duration, please adjust it with check-in and check-out data. The system will automatically refer to real check-in and check-out to confirm the overtime duration that will be calculated.

  6. If it is appropriate, click the "Save" button.

B. Input Overtime with Import Feature

  1. Enter the Time Management menu and select Attendance.
  2. Click "Export" icon and select Export attendance.
  3. Specify the date period to be downloaded (maximum period is 31 days) and click "Export".
  4. Click "View Inbox".
  5. Click the message to download the template.
  6. Then, click "here".
  7. In the downloaded file, complete the required information regarding overtime. 
  8. In the Overtime Check-in and Overtime Check-Out columns, fill in the schedule for the start and end of the Overtime, if overtime is carried out on Dayoff, National Holiday, and Company Holiday shifts (fill in HH: MM and 24-hour format, for example, 08:00 or 18:00 ).
  9. In the Overtime Before and Overtime After columns, fill in the duration of overtime before or after working hours (Fill in minutes).

    For how to fill in points 7 and 8, it is chosen according to the employee's work shift, you don't need to fill in both.

  10. If during Overtime there is a rest period, then it can be filled with information regarding the duration of the break in the Overtime Break Before/After column (Fill in minutes).
  11. After completing filling in the excel template, save the file and return to the Talents screen. 
  12. Still in the Attendance submenu on the Time Management menu, then click the "Import" icon. 
  13. Select import format with Employment attendance.
  14. Select the pre-equipped Excel file then click it "Import".
  15. Then your employee's overtime data will be input according to the data that you have entered in the Excel file.

This is an explanation of how to input overtime by Superadmin/Admin. Click here to learn how to request overtime by Superadmin/Admin.