How to Submit Roster Leave by Super Admin

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Learning Center Mekari
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If you have activated the Roster Leave feature, you can manually input employee leave requests if employees are not given access to the Talent ESS Account.

Here are the steps.

  1. Click the "Employees" menu and select the Employee directory.
  2. Click the employee for whom you want to submit a leave application.
  3. Then you will go to the detailed employee info page. In the Time Management section, select Time Off.
  4. Click “Request Time Off”.
  5. Enter Time Off Type Annual Leave.
  6. Enter the Start Date and End Date of the leave to be submitted.
  7. Enter the supporting files for applying for leave if needed.
  8. Specify employees who have the right to do application approval if needed.
  9. Enter leave information in the Notes section.
  10. Click "Request Time Off" to submit a leave request.

This is an explanation of how to apply for Roster Leave by the Super Admin. To learn how to manage the Roster Leave policy, click here.