How to Add Company Branches in the Settings Menu

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In a company group, it usually consists of a parent/centre company and subsidiaries/branches. In Talenta, you can add company branches, either one by one or in bulk.

Here are the steps to add company branches one by one (manually).

  1. On the Dashboard menu, click the profile icon on the top right.
  2. Then click "Company Settings".
  3. Click the "Branch List" tab on the Company section.
  4. Click the "Add Branch" tab.
  5. Select a photo for the branch logo if any by clicking "Choose Files".
  6. Enter the information data for the JHT Paid By and BPJS Paid By settings that apply to the company branch.

    - JHT Paid By is an option for 2% of JHT to be paid by the company or employees.
    - BPJS Paid By is an option for 1% BPJS Health to be paid by the company or employee.

  7. Enter the branch information data such as branch name and branch address in the Branch Name, Address, and Postal Code section.

  8. Enter the complete branch address information in the Province and City sections.

    You will be shown the UMR information that applies in the area where the company branch is located.

  9. Enter the branch contact information in the Branch Phone and Branch Fax sections.
  10. You can determine whether the company branch's NPWP is the same as the company centre's NPWP in the NPWP same with parent branch section.
  11. If you tick NPWP same with parent branch, the information that you have previously filled in the Company Information section will appear.
  12. If the NPWP of the company branch is not the same as the central NPWP, enter the information of the tax person responsible for the company in the Tax Person Name and Tax Person NPWP sections.
  13. Enter the tax information of the company branch in the Branch Tax Name and Branch NPWP sections.
  14. Enter the KLU Code of the company.

    This information determines the classification of business fields that get PPh 21 benefits borne by the government (DTP). A checkbox column will appear if the user fills in the KLU code following the relevant PMK.
    To get PPh 21 DTP benefits, Super Admin must input the appropriate KLU code and tick the checkbox on the company information or branch form.

  15. Enter a scan of the signature of the person responsible for tax withholding to be affixed to form 1721-A1.
  16. In this section, choose Not use Attendance on Mobile if you don't use Talenta mobile for employee attendance, Use GPS Attendance on Mobile if using with GPS and Use Attendance on Mobile if using mobile attendance without GPS.
  17. Click "Save".

That's how to add company branch in Talenta. See here, to learn how to manage Company Information in the Settings Menu.