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Employee Performance on Talenta Insights is an overview of reports and metrics to see short/long-term success in various employee performance KPIs/Goals. The data is then presented in a single view that allows you to assess entire teams or individuals and track specific metrics. There are 2 sections in this dashboard, namely Employee Performance/Performance and Goals Analytics.

On the Insights menu, there is an Employee Performance tab which functions to view employee performance charts. Here are the steps.

  1. On the Talenta Dashboard, you can click the Insights menu.
  2. Then, you will automatically go to the Talenta Insights page. Then click the Employee Performance tab.

    Only users with a Super Admin role in  Talenta and  Super Admin in  Performance Review can access this menu.

  3. In this tab, you will see several chart review result histories which are divided into By company, Breakdown review result history, Performance leaderboard, and  Goal analytics. You can filter all of these charts according to the data needed.

    - If you use Performance Review, the data that appears is data generated from Performance Review.
    - The data presented is not real-time and will be updated 4 times a day.

The following is an explanation for each graph on the Employee Performance tab.

  1.  By Company
    Here you can see employee performance graphs by the company as a whole. You can also filter based on certain review cycles and methods that have been carried out in your company.
  2.  Breakdown Review Result History
    In this section, you can see graphs of employee performance in more depth which you can browse by  Age, Education, Gender, Tenure, and Organization/Department. You can also filter by cycle, period, and review method in your company.
  3.  Performance Leaderboard
    Here you can see score data for each employee and their position so you can see the best employees as well as employees who need further improvement. You can also filter by cycle, period, review method, and organization/department.
  4.  Goal Analytics
    Meanwhile, in Goal Analytics, you can see graphs and detailed goals for each employee in more detail, such as the total number of individual goals or team goals and their status so you can see the overall condition of the company to achieve certain goals. You can also filter by goal type, goal status, and period.
    B4.pngAnd if you click on a part of the donut chart, the data will change according to the part of the chart you choose.

You can download all of the charts above by clicking on the chart section then selecting "Three Dots" on the right and clicking "Export to CSV".

This is an overview of Employee Performance. Furthermore, you can learn about how to Request a Custom Dashboard on Talenta Insights+ here.