How to View the Organization Chart on the Employees Menu on Talenta Web

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In a company, there are various positions and divisions that are enforced. Each division has its own composition in which each position has a division of tasks and roles. Everything is presented in an organizational structure in the form of a chart.

At Talenta, Employees can access information and organizational charts in the Organization Chart menu that was created by the Super Admin.

Chart information on the Organization Chart can be accessed and viewed by Employees if it has been created and arranged by the Super Admin. If it has not been created, then the Organization Chart is not displayed.

Here's how to view the organization chart (organizational structure) on the Talenta web for employees.

  1. Click the “Employees” tab.
  2. Click “Org chart”.
  3. If a display like this appears, then inform your Super Admin to make manager settings for Talenta.
  4. But, if the display of the organization chart has been set by the Super Admin, the display will look like this.

    No. Column Explanation
    1 Zoom in Button to enlarge the chart view.
    2 Zoom out Button to zoom out of the chart.
    3 Fit to Screen The button to make the diagram view the size of your screen.
    4 Filter

    Filter the information displayed by the chart based on:

    • Employee ID
    • Employee name
    • Photo
    • Organization
    • Job position
    • Branch
    • SBU (Strategic Business Unit)
    • Employment status
    5 Find me Button to find where you are in the chart.
    6 Expand all Button to clear all collapses and display all collations that have been created.
    7 Export Button to download the diagram in image format (Export Image) and PDF.
    8 Guidebook Button to open the guidebook link "How to View the Organization Chart on the Employees Menu on Talenta Web".
    9 Search bar Columns to search for names, employee positions, etc.
    10 Collapse (hide) Button to hide the stack underneath.
    11 Collapse (show) Button to display the order below shown in numbers. The figure shows the number of employees whose chart view is hidden.

That's how to view the organization chart on the employee menu in Talenta.

You can also find out what can be done on the Employee menu. Please note that the Employee menu on Talent Employee and Super Admin has a different function.