Calendar Menu Overview

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The Calendar menu is a menu that can be used to monitor company activities and employee leave. One that appears on the Calendar menu is holidays or joint leave, but specifically for joint leave, the super admin must add the settings first.

The following is a brief explanation of the Calendar menu:


No. Column Explanation
1. Request Time Off Shortcut to apply for leave, according to the application that can be made on the Employee menu (My Info).
2. Calendar   Displays a customizable calendar with the desired month and year selection.
3. All Events  Displays all events that took place during the month selected on the calendar.
4. Birthday Displays a list of employees whose birthdays are in the selected month on the calendar.
5. Time Off  Displays a list of vacations taken during the selected month on the calendar.
6. Today  Button to display a calendar on today's date.

You can also see the Calendar menu on Talenta mobile. The Calendar menu on Talenta mobile also displays employee birthdays and a list of leave taken by other employees.