How To Manage Time Tracker

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On Talenta, you can use the Time Tracker as a tool to calculate how long it takes your employees to complete a task. Time Tracker is one of the features found on the Timesheet menu, which you can see the explanation of here.

Here are the steps.

  1. Enter the Timesheet menu.
  2. On the Time Tracker, click "Manual Time Entry".
  3. Masukkan informasi nama tugas yang akan dimonitor pada bagian What are you working on.
  4. Select the task that has been created and that you will monitor in the Task section.
  5. Enter the start date of the monitored task in the Applies on section.
  6. Enter the start time of the monitored task in Start Time and the end time of the monitored task in  End Time.
  7. Click "Submit" to save.
  8. Thus the tasks that you monitor have been listed on the Time Tracker tab as follows.

    - Click the "Continue" button to continue the work.
    - If there are changes to the previously made Time Entry, you can make changes by clicking the “Pencil” icon.
    - You can also cancel the created time tracker by clicking on the “Trash Bin” icon.

    After running the time tracker, you can see a report from the time tracker. You can access the report on the Summary menu and download it in XLS format.