How To Manage Time Tracker

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On Talenta, you can use the Time Tracker as a tool to calculate how long it takes your employees to complete a task. Time Tracker is one of the features found on the Timesheet menu, which you can see the explanation of here.

Information on the Time Tracker Manual Time Entry form that appears and that you must fill in may vary depending on your company's settings and policies. Make sure to get Time Tracker policy information from the policy provider at your company.

Here are the steps.

  1. Go to the Timesheet menu.
  2. On the Time  Tracker , click "Manual Time Entry" .
  3. Enter the information in the required columns in the Add time entry pop up.
    No. Column/Button Name Description
    1 What are you working on? Describe the task you are working on.
    2 Task Select a task that has been created to be given a time tracker.
    3 Start time Select the start date and time of the task that will be assigned a time tracker.
    4 End time Select the end date and time for the task that will be assigned a time tracker.
    5 Shift start Select the shift start time to perform the tasks that will be assigned a time tracker.
    6 Shift end Select the end time of the shift to perform the tasks that will be assigned a time tracker.
    7 Timesheet location Select the location that you will use to do the task with this time tracker.

    The appearance of this location may vary according to your company policy. The following is an example of a display with the Live attendance location policy.

    With this policy, you are required to be at the location according to your Live attendance settings.
  4. Click "Save" to save the changes.
  5. Therefore, the task you are monitoring is listed on the Time Tracker tab as follows.

    - What is shown  above is a list of Time trackers with approval layers. Some statuses indicate the progress of the request and approval ( Pending, Approved, Submitted, Cancelled, and Rejected ).
    - Click the  “Continue”  button to continue working.
    - If there are changes to the Time Entry you previously made, you can make changes by clicking the "Pencil" icon. This action can only be performed with a timesheet without an approval layer.
    - You can also cancel a time tracker that has been created by clicking the “Trash Can” icon.
    - Set the Timesheet Approval Rule via
    - Create or edit tasks that require approval via

  6. If you click the Status  Time tracker task, a detailed pop-up will appear as follows.

    - On a timesheet with  Pending status,  you can click  "Cancel timesheet"  if you want to cancel the timesheet request.
    - Every request will go to the Super Admin inbox.  Super Admin can read the request details before approving  via the web version of the Inbox or the mobile version of the Inbox.

After running the time tracker, you can see a report from the time tracker. You can access the report on the Summary menu and download it in XLS format.