Summary Timesheet Overview

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In this section, you will learn how to view a Summary of the Timesheet that has been created. If you have monitored work through the Time Tracker, you can see a report on the results of calculating the time for completing the task in the Summary Timesheet section. Previously, you could learn what a Timesheet is first.

The following is the display of the Summary Timesheet.


No. Column Explanation
1. Export XLS The button to download the summary timesheet in the form of an excel file.
2. Filter Group You can filter report information based on 3 choices:
1. Group by Project: You filter reports based on the Project Task that has been made.
2. Group by Task: You filter reports based on the tasks that have been made.
3. Group by Employee: You filter reports based on employees assigned to work on tasks.
3. Date  Button to select the date of the timesheet summary to be displayed.
4. Detail Information The information displayed in detail relates to the tasks that have been monitored or calculated for the processing time.

After knowing what a Summary Timesheet is, then you can learn how to manage a Summary Timesheet. You can also see the XLS format downloaded from Timesheet.