Talenta Insights Overview

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Talenta Insights is one of Talenta's features that presents a complete picture of the company's HR as a whole. With in-depth and high-quality reports on Employee data, Attendance, Payroll, and predictions of Employee resignation. 

This feature makes it easier to find out and measure performance in the Human Resource Department and is also used to improve employee performance. Users who can access this feature are users with the role of Superadmin or Admin.

The following is a diagram related to the information that will be presented in Talenta Insights.


How to Access Talenta Insights

You can access this feature after logging in to talenta.co and accessing it in the following ways:

  1. The App section on the Dashboard page
  2. The Insights button on the Employee menu page
  3. The Insights button on the Attendance menu page
  4. The Insights button on the View Report page
Click here to see Talenta Insights short explanation video

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