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Talenta Insights is one of Talenta's features that presents  a complete picture of the company's HR as a whole . With in-depth and high-quality reports on Employee data, Attendance, Payroll, and predictions of Employee resignation. 

This feature makes it easier to find out and measure performance in the Human Resources Department and is also used to improve employee performance.

- To view the entire Insights dashboard, make sure the company status is active. However, for companies in the Trial period, you can only view Payroll Insights.
- Users who can access this feature are users with the Super Admin or Admin role. Super Admin can access the entire dashboard, while Admin cannot access Payroll Insights.
Pay attention to the following access permissions to see which can be accessed by a particular role:

The following is a diagram related to the information that will be presented in Talenta Insights.

The function of Each Dashboard Insights

  1. Headcount Dashboard (depecrated in Q3 2024)
    To get data on the latest number of employees in the organization, analyze trends in certain periods, and understand the reason why employees resign for better recruitment and retention planning.
  2. New & Active Dashboard
    To monitor the performance status of new and active employees to identify employees who require additional training or material.
  3. Turnover Dashboard
    To assess the company's turnover rate, categorize the reasons why employees resign, and implement certain approaches to increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover rates.
  4. Employees at Risk
    To predict employees who have a high possibility of resigning from the company by analyzing certain patterns such as attendance, payroll, and other risk factors.
  5. Employee Performance
    To review and manage employee performance in the company, identify top performers, and analyze trends to inform customized training programs.
  6. Old Attendance Dashboard (deprecated starting Q4 2024)
    To review attendance history, monitor employee leave, and assess future workforce needs from attendance trends.
  7. New Attendance Dashboard
    To monitor current attendance, manage leave applications, and predict future workforce needs from attendance trends.
  8. Overtime Dashboard
    To monitor costs, overtime duration, and monitor whether employee overtime time complies with government overtime regulations.
  9. Payroll Dashboard
    To manage expenses, monitor allowances and  deductions , as well as view new payroll entries and exceptions so that salary payments are timely and accurate.
  10. Insights+ Custom Dashboard
    HR can submit custom reports or analysis dashboards here to make strategic decisions related to workforce management.

How to Access Talenta Insights

You can access this feature after logging in to talenta.co and access it through the following ways:

  1. Go directly to  insights.talenta.co 
  2. App section on the Dashboard page
  3. “See details”  button  on the Employee Index menu page
  4. "See details"  button  on the Attendance Index menu page
  5. Insight button on the Payroll View Report page
Click  here to see Talenta Insights short explanation video

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