Cash Advance Info Overview

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On the Finance tab, there is an option Cash Advance tab, which is used to manage employee cash advance data. Cash Advance is a feature that allows employees to submit requests for funds to the company in advance to be used for company needs.

1. Cash Advance Tab Display


No Column Explanation
1 Request Cash Advance Button to make a cash advance application.
2 Search Column for searching cash advance information based on certain keywords.
3 All policy & All status The column is used to filter the displayed cash advance view.
  • All policies: Column to filter all cash advance policies that have been made.
  • All status: Column to filter the status of cash advance submissions.

- Pending Approval: Displays a list of cash advances whose status has not been approved by either the first or the second approver.
*if you have multiple approver lines.
- Rejected: Displays a list of cash advances that were rejected.
- Need Settlement: Displays a list of cash advances that require settlement action because the application has been approved.
- Settlement on Review: Displays a list of cash advance settlements whose accountability needs to be reviewed.
- Canceled: Displays a list of cash advances that have been canceled.
- Completed: Displays a list of cash advances that have been settled or have been accounted for.

4 Cash Advance Table Displays a list of cash advances that can be filtered by type of policy and status.

2. Request Cash Advance

On this page, you can submit a Cash Advance by following the steps below.

  1. Click "My Info".
  2. Click the "Finance" tab and select  Cash Advance .
  3. Click the "Request Cash Advance" button.
  4. Select the Police Name to be given.
  5. Write the description in the Purpose column.
  6. Enter the date the cash advance was used.
  7. Fill in the name, Description, and Category of Cash Advance along with the Nominal  proposed. 
  8. Click “Add row” to add details to the submission.
  9. You can also add additional notes in the Notes column.
  10. You can add multiple attachments in the Attachment field. 

  11. Then click "Submit".
  12. Then you will wait for approval by the approver. Approval notification will appear in Talenta's inbox and email.

    Status  Pending  (waiting for approval),  Approved  (has been approved),  Rejected  (has been rejected). 

    After submitting a cash advance, the request will be processed by the super admin. After the submission is received, the employee must then make a report or Cash Advance Settlement.