How to Input Joint Leave in Attendance

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Leave is a right that is owned by everyone who has employment status as an employee. The existence of leave for employees can provide an opportunity for employees to take time off after working for the company.

Referring to the Circular Letter of the Minister of Manpower Number 70 of 2018, one of the points regarding collective leave is "workers/laborers who take leave on collective leave days, the leave entitlement they take reduces the right to the worker/laborer's annual leave." On Talenta, you can manage joint leave that cuts your employees' annual leave entitlements in two ways, namely manually deducting leave entitlements or in bulk deductions.

On Talenta, Superadmin/Admin can manage joint leave which cuts annual leave manually and in bulk. Here are the steps:

A. How to Manage Joint Leave Manually

  1. Enter the Time Management menu, and select Attendance.
  2. Select the absence date you want to change.
  3. On the employee row whose data you want to change, click “ Actions ” and then Edit.

    You can check the names of employees to carry out the same action on several employees at once, for example for the scenario of collective leave.

  4. Then, a sidebar will appear. In the Time off section change or add leave. The columns you have to fill in differ depending on the type of time off form (hourly time off/ full day time off/ half day before/after break). Here's the explanation: 
    • Form edit hourly time off
      No. Column/Button Name Description
      1 Leave type Select the leave type based on its name.
      2 Time to calculate leave Select the leave time calculation based on Daily (Daily) or Hourly (Hourly).
      3 Time off start & Duration Specify the leave start time in the Time off start column and the length of leave in the Duration column.
      4 Add time off Click to add more leave.
    • Full day time off edit form 
      You can choose the type of leave and duration of leave.
    • Edit form half day before/after break
      No. Column/Button Name Description
      1 Leave type Select the type of leave based on its name, then complete the information whether what you want to change or add is Half day before break or Half day after break.
      2 Schedule in Enter the leave start time.
      3 Schedule out Enter the time the leave ends.
  5. If the changes to the attendance data have been made, then click "Save" to save.

B. How to Manage Group Leave in Mass

  1. Enter the Time Management menu, and select Attendance.
  2. Then click the "Export" icon and select Export attendance.
  3. Enter the start date and end date that you want to change and click "Export".
  4. Click "View Inbox".
  5. Click "here" to download the template.
  6. Change the Attendance Code and Time Off Code with the desired leave code.
  7. Save the changed file.
  8. Click the "Import" icon.
  9. Select import format Employee Attendance
  10. Click "Choose File" to select the file you want to import, then click "Import".
  11. Then the employee attendance data will change according to the attendance data that you input into Excel.

This is an explanation of how to input joint leave in Attendance. Also learn how to input joint leave at the Event, or click here to read it.