How to do Payroll Disbursement using Mandiri Cash Management

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According to Bank Mandiri's official website, Mandiri Cash Management is a business Internet banking service that gives you access to company financial transactions, including payments, receipts, and online liquidity arrangements. Following are the steps for conducting a payroll disbursement using MCM (Mandiri Cash Management):

  1. Log in to!/login
  2. Input your Company Id, User Id, and Password, then click “Login”.

  3. Select Payment Menu and click “Single Bill Payment”.

  4. Enter the account source in the Source of Funds column, the transfer destination code in the Biller column (example: 88608 xendit), the payment code with the virtual account (VA) number, and the nominal with the VA amount to be paid. Then click "Inquiry".

  5. Then, the transaction details will appear as follows.

  6. After checking the detailed transaction information, enter your email address in the Notification section and click "Continue".

  7. Check your payment transfer details, and if the information is correct, click "Submit".

That's how to do payroll disbursement using MCM (Mandiri Cash Management). Learn how to understand the transfer SLA for payroll disbursements here.