How to make a Mekari Payroll Disbursement Transfer via KlikBCA Bisnis

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Mekari Payroll Disbursement is a feature that you can use to process payroll payments to employees. With Mekari Payroll Disbursement, you don't need to use a third party to transfer employee salaries.

In the payroll disbursement process, there are two virtual bank accounts that can be used, namely Bank Mandiri and BNI. If the payroll disbursement payment medium that you use is a BNI virtual account, then this virtual account can be used for payments using other banks, while the Bank Mandiri virtual account can only be used for payments from Bank Mandiri.

This guidebook will explain to you how to make a Mekari Payroll Disbursement transfer via KlikBCA Bisnis. Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to your BCA Bisnis account.
  2. Click the Transfer Dana” menu.
  3. Then select “Daftar Transfer”.
  4. Click “Lihat/Ubah/Hapus”.
  5. In Daftar Transfer – Lihat/Ubah/Hapus page, click “Ke Rekening Bank Lain – Dalam Negeri”.
  6. Input the name and BNI account number that were saved in KlikBCA Bisnis, then click "Tampilkan".

    The payroll keywords listed in the search field in the image above are just examples.

  7. Then, a virtual account number will appear according to the name or account number you are looking for in step 6; click “Nama Alias Yang Terdaftar”.
  8. On the Daftar Transfer ke Rekening Bank Lain – Dalam Negeri – Lihat/Ubah/Hapus page, click the "Ubah" button.
  9. Change the account owner's name in the format Xdt-Account Holder Name.
  10. Click “Kirim”.
  11. Then the name of the account owner will be updated as shown below.

That's how to transfer Mekari Payroll Disbursement via KlikBCA Bisnis. Learn how to understand the transfer SLA for payroll disbursements here.