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How to add Mobile Location Settings individually

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If the company uses Mobile Attendance, you can set the location for employee attendance needs. In this section, you will learn how to manage settings on Live Attendance. Reports can be viewed by Superadmin or Admin with displayed information related to Live Attendance details carried out by employees.

Follow these steps for how to add mobile location settings individually to Talenta:

  1. On the Dashboard menu, click the Time Management menu and select "Attendance".
  2. To make mobile absence settings, click "More" and select "Location".
  3. Click "Settings" to enter the location settings page.
  4. Click "Add Location Setting" to add an attendance location.
  5. Enter the name of the attendance location setting in Setting Name.
  6. Determine the clock-in/clock-out location of attendance.

    1. Flexible: When activated, employees can check in and check out anywhere.
    2. Set Location: When activated, employees can check in and check out based on locations that the company can adjust the distance freely through the tab. If you select Set Location, you are asked to specify a location with the following steps:
    a. Click "Add Location".
    2. Enter the name of the location to make attendance at the Location Name.
    3. Then enter the attendance location in Search Location.
    4. Click "Submit" to save.

  7. Click "Assign Employee" to select a list of employees who can use the location.

    If you select all employee names, then this setting only applies to existing employees. You need to assign setting locations again for new employees.

  8. Check the name of the employee you want to add to the location setting.
  9. Click "Yes" to save.
  10. Then click "Save" to save the mobile absence location settings.

This is an explanation of how to add mobile location settings individually. Also learn how to add mobile location settings in bulk, here.