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On the General Info menu, you can view information such as personal data, employment data, education history, and other additional information. To access this section, click on the My Info menu at the top.

1. Employment Data

On the employment data menu, you will see information related to employment data. Here are the steps:

  1. Click the"General" tab and select "Employment" to view employee data information.
  2. The following is a display of employment data.
Column Explanation
Company ID The name of the company where the employee works.
Employee ID Employee identification number within the company.
Barcode   Registered employee fingerprint number.
Organization Name  The organizational structure in which employees are placed.
Job Position   Employee job position.
Job Level   Employee job level.
Employment Status   Employee status within the company (permanent, contract, or probation).
Branch  The branch where the employee is placed.
Join Date  Date the employee joined.
Grade Employee grade status information.
Class Employee class status information.
Approval Line   Direct approval path.
Path Manager which will affect the appearance of the organization chart.
Direct Report   List of employee names that require approval.

2. Personal Data

The personal data menu contains your personal data, family data, and emergency contacts. Here are the steps:

  1. Click the "General" tab and select "Personal" to view personal information.
  2. Click the "Basic Info" tab to find out your personal data.
  3. Here is the personal info view.
    Column Explanation
    Full Name Employee's full name.
    Mobile Phone Employee mobile number.
    Email  Employee emails.
    Phone   Employee home phone number.
    Place of Birth Place of birth of the employee.
    Birth Date Employee's date of birth.
    Gender   Employee gender.
    Marital Status Employee marital status.
    Blood Type  Employee blood type.
    Religion Employee religion.
    Identity Type The identity used (KTP / Passport). 
    No Identity Identity number according to the selected identity type.
    Expired Date Identity   End of employee identity.
    Postal Code  Postal code number.
    Citizen ID Address The employee's address matches the KTP.
    Residential Address  The actual address of the employee's residence.
  4. Next, click the "Family" tab to view family data information.

  5. Here is the display of family info.
  6. Click "Request Change Data" to submit changes or additions to family data.
  7. Click the"Emergency Contact" tab to view emergency contact information.
  8. The following is the emergency contact display.

  9. Click "Add New" to add an emergency contact.
  10. Then enter the Name, Relationship and Phone number then click "Save".

3. Education & Experience

In this section, you can view educational history and experience.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click the"General" tab and select "Education & Experience" to view your educational history and experience.
  2. On the Formal Education tab, you will see a history of formal education taken.
  3. Click "Add New" to add formal education information.
  4. On the Informal Education tab, you will see a history of informal education taken.
  5. Click "Add New" to add informal education information.
  6. On the Working Experience tab, you will see your experience history.
  7. Click "Add New" to add information related to previous work experience.
  8. Click "Download CV" to download your curriculum vitae in pdf or word format.

4. Additional Info

In this section, you will get information added custom by SuperAdmin.

Here are the steps:

  1. Click the"General" tab and select "Additional Info" to view additional information.
  2. Here's the Additional Info display.

Changes to Employment Data that employees make require approval from the super admin. Then the super admin can approve the data on the messages menu.