Employee Menu Overview

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Talenta has an Employee menu, this menu is useful for accessing a list of employee names registered at the company. In order for the employee's name to appear in this section, the company needs to add the employee's name first.

The employee is a menu to access the list of employee names registered at the company.

The following is a brief explanation of the Employee menu:

No. Column Explanation
1 Directory Button to display employee name information.
2 Org chart To enter the organization chart page.
3 Filter
To filter on the displayed column.
4 Filter Columns To display columns based on the selected filter.
5 Export To export employee data.
6 Bulk update Click to update data in bulk.
7 Insight Click to enter the Talenta Insight page.
8 Guidebooks Click to enter the viewing guide from the Employee menu.
9 Search Employee information search field.

Overview of period

Period/month information displayed.

11 Total employee Information on total employees in the company in that period.
12 New hire Information on total new employees in the company in that period.
13 Leaving Information on total employees who left/resigned from the company in that period.
14 See details Click to enter the New & Active Talent Insight page.
15 List of employee Columns display a list of information and employee names.

On the Employee menu, you can also see an organization chart or organizational structure. However, the organization chart can be seen if it has been compiled by the super admin.