How to Request Time Off

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On Talenta mobile, you can submit overtime requests until time off. Request Time Off on Mobile Talenta is a feature that can be used to request leave by employees through the Mobile Talenta application instantly and easily. 

You need to know that the leave policy (Time off policy) is different for each company. To apply for leave, you need to know the policies that have been given to you or consult with your supervisor first.

Here are the steps.

  1. Click the Request menu at the bottom, then click  "Time Off".
  2. So, you can see a page like the following. Information:

    No. Column Name Description
    1. Time off type

    Select the type of leave you want.

    The leave application type column will appear. If you request leave based on an hourly basis, a new column will appear for you to fill in as follows:
    - Request type: Select the request type Full Day, Half day or Hourly. 
    - Shift: Select the shift you want to apply for leave for. 
    - Time off start: Determine the start time of leave and ensure the leave time is within the working period. 
    - Duration: Determine the duration of leave based on hours or multiples of 30 minutes. After the Duration is filled in, the system will automatically calculate when the time off ends.

    2. Select date

    Select the date of leave you want to take.

    For employees with more than 1 (one) shift a day, the half-day and hourly options will not appear.

    3. Reason You can describe the details of your time off request in this column.
    4. Delegate to (optional) If you are on the approval line, choose an employee who will back up your approval line while you are on leave.
    5. Attach files Add your supporting files here.
  3. Click  "Submit request".
  4. Then the time off was successfully submitted.

After submitting a time off request, you can then see the history of the time off that you have submitted. Also on that page, you can see the remaining time off you have.