How to do Update PTKP Status

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If there are employees who want to change their PTKP status in the following year from the year concerned, you can first record the changes in the Talenta system, so that the system will automatically enforce these changes in the following tax year. But before that, if you want to make changes to employee data, you can click here.

Follow these steps to update employee PTKP status:

  1. Go to Employees menu, after that select "Employee Directory".
  2. Click "More" and select the PTKP status adjustment.
  3. Click the “Create adjustment” button to start.
  4. Select the next tax year period to record the change in PTKP status. And click "Add" to continue.

    You can also change PTKP Employee status in bulk by clicking on the "Export" button to download the available templates and then re-upload the template using the "Import" button if needed.

  5. Next, select the latest PTKP status then select the name of the employee concerned.

    You can use the All organization and All branch columns to filter the list of employees that appears. And the column Search to search for employee names.

  6. Click "Select" to save changes.
  7. Then select PTKP Status for each employee.

    Use the "strip" button to remove employees.

  8. If you check the names of more than one employee, you can update them in bulk by clicking "Bulk Update" or delete them by clicking "Remove".
  9. Click "Submit" to save changes.


This is an explanation of how to update the PTKP status. To learn about tax recalculation after changes in PTKP (Tax Recalculate) rates, you can click here.