How to Activate Users

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On Talenta, you can invite employees who work for the company to access Talenta. This account is usually called the Talenta ESS Account. This feature is useful to make it easier for employees to submit requests and also access personal data information that is entered on Talenta. In this section, you will be taught how to activate an ESS user for a Talenta account. However, before that, the employee you want to invite has already been registered in the Employee menu.

Follow these steps to find out how to activate the ESS user for the Talenta account:

  1. In the invited employee's email, an invitation email will appear from
  2. Click "Activate Your Account" to activate it.
  3. Fill in the Password that the User wants to use as the account login password to Talenta.
  4. Then, click "Submit".
  5. Click "Login Now".
  6. Do a re-login (mandatory) by entering the email and password that was created previously.
  7. Click "Sign in" to enter the Talenta account.
  8. The employee already has an account at Talenta with access as Employee.

    This is the explanation regarding activation for Talenta account ESS users. how to activate Talenta account ESS users. After activating, make sure you have also verified your phone number.