How to Manage the Overtime on the Message Menu

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When an employee submits an overtime application, you can receive incoming message notifications on Talenta. This notification will apply to employees who have roles as the approval line, SuperAdmin, and admin.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the Message menu.
  2. Click the Overtime tab.
  3. Then, you will see all the overtimes that require your approval as follows.
  4. Click the "down arrow" icon to filter the list of overtime.

    - All: To display all overtime lists.
    - Pending: To display a list of overtime for which status has not been approved.
    - Approved: To display a list of overtime for which status has been approved.
    - Rejected: To display a list of rejected overtime services.

  5. Click the "down arrow" icon to filter the list of overtime entered in the Overtime Message based on the submitted overtime status.

    - Latest: To filter the overtime list based on the newest to oldest date.
    - Oldest: To filter the overtime list by oldest to newest date.

  6. Select the list of hours that you will process.
  7. You can see all the information on overtime submissions submitted by employees as follows.
  8. You can specify the approved overtime in the Approved Overtime section.
  9. You can provide comments regarding submission or approval.
  10. Click "Accept" to approve the overtime submission.
  11. Click "Reject" to reject the overtime submission.
  12. You can make bulk approvals by clicking the "Checklist box" at the top so that all checklist boxes in the inbox are checked. Then click "Approve Request" to approve submissions in bulk or click "Reject Request" to reject submissions in bulk.

That's how to manage Overtime in the Inbox. Learn more about the Message Menu here.