How to Reset Password

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In this section, you will learn how to log in to the Talenta application if you forget your password. However, you can first learn how to log in Talenta, here.

Here are the steps.

  1. On the log in page, click “Forgot Password”.
  2. Enter the email registered to your Talenta account. Then, click “Send me reset password instructions”.
  3. You will receive instructions for changing your password via your email.
  4. Click "Reset Password" which is in your email.
  5. Enter a new password, then enter the password again in the  Confirm password column.
  6. Then click "Save password & continue".
  7. Then your password has been successfully updated.
  8. Please log back into your account using the new password.

This is an explanation of how to reset the password. If you have logged back into your Talenta account, don't forget to verify your phone numbers.