How to Manage Talenta Forms

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In Talenta, those of you who have roles as Super Admin or Admin can create custom forms, which you can use to create forms, surveys, or polls from within Talenta. Talenta Forms is divided into 2 packages, free package and Talenta Forms Plus package. If you want to subscribe to Talenta Form Plus, you can contact our support team at This Forms feature can be accessed in the Company Menu.

A. How to Create Forms

Here are the steps to create forms in Talenta:

  1. Go to the Company menu.
  2. Select Forms.
  3. You will then be directed to the following page, where there are 6 form templates that you can use.

    1. If you select one of the templates, a pop-up will appear as follows, which contains information that with Forms+, you can add approval settings and access forms with file upload and logic jump question types.

    2. If you click "Learn about Forms+", you will be directed to the Forms+ landing page.
    3. Or if you click "Continue", you will be redirected to the question page, and you can still change the questions available.

  4. However, if you want to create forms from scratch, you can click "Create form".
  5. Fill in the form name and description that describes the form. You can also tick Submission needs approval, if every submission needs approval first. Click here to set up approval forms.

    You can only tick Submission needs approval, if you subscribe to Talenta Forms Plus.

  6. Click “Next”.
  7. Fill in the name of the column or question you want to submit, then choose the answer type and complete the description if necessary.

    The answer types available on Talenta forms are:
    - Text: Choose Text, if the required answer is in the form of writing/sentences.
    - Number: Choose Number, if the required answer is in the form of numbers.
    - Email: Select Email, if the answer is required in the form of an email with a domain extension (
    - Amount: Select Amount, if the answer is required in the form of nominal rupiah.
    - Option: Select Option, if the answer is required in the form of a choice (can only choose 1 option).
    - Checkboxes: Select Checkboxes, if the required answer is in the form of options (more than 1 option can be selected).
    - Linear Scale: Select Linear Scale, if the required answer is in the form of a scale.
    - Date: Select Date, if the answer is required in date format.
    - Phone number: Select Phone number, if the required answer is in phone number format (08 or +62), maximum of 15 digits.
    - Long text: Select Long text, if the required answer is in long text format.
    - File upload: Select File upload, if you want to upload a file or image for the answer. (For forms+ only).

  8. If you are a Forms+ user and choose the Option answer type, there will be a Jump question icon that you can click. This feature allows the next question to appear based on the selected answer.
  9. After the jump question is active, you can determine the flow of the next question that will appear after the selected answer.
  10. You can also add other answer options or Others by clicking "Others".
  11. Then, select the jump question you want.
  12. You can activate Required, if the question is required.
  13. You can click the "Copy" icon if you want to copy the question to be the next question and click the "Trash can" icon if you want to delete the question.
  14. Click "Add question" to add a question.
  15. When you have created all the questions, click "Next".
  16. Click Select Employee, if only certain employees can access the form.
  17. Search and select the employee's name.
  18. Then, the name of the selected employee will move to the right side.
  19. Click “Save”.
  20. However, if all employees can access the form, you can tick Select all employees.
  21. You can tick Default add to new employee, if new employees are allowed to access the form.
  22. Tick Only allow 1 submission per employee if you want the form submission can only be done once.

    - The form can only be submitted once if the form does not require approval.
    - However, if the process of submitting the form requires approval, then the form can be submitted several times until it is approved by the approver. After the approver approves, the form can no longer be submitted.
    - Check "only allow 1 submission per employee" which allows you to determine the 1 submission only period forever or for a certain period. With this policy, you can create a form for the Employee Engagement Survey. You only need to create 1 form for several survey periods and set the 1 submission-only period. 

  23. Click "Save" to save the form settings.
  24. Then click “Submit”.
  25. Then the form that is formed will look like this.
  26. Click the "reviewer" icon on the form to access the form that has been created.
  27. Click the "three dots" icon on the form to view details and make changes to form settings, duplicate, delete, close and copy form links.

B. How to Close Forms

  1. Go to Company menu.
  2. Click “Forms”.

  3. Select one of the forms that you want to close then click the "three dots" icon and select "Close form".

  4. Then a confirmation pop-up will appear and you can click "Close" to close the form immediately. Or click "Schedule close" to schedule the closing of forms.

  5. If you choose Schedule close, then you will enter the Settings page.
  6. Then tick "Set schedule" to set a schedule for closing forms and choose a closing date.
  7. Then, you will see a "Closed" sign at the bottom of the forms.

    Forms that have been closed will not appear on the employee's All Forms tab so employees cannot fill out the form.

  8. You can also open a form that has been closed by clicking the "three dots" icon and selecting "Re-open form".

That's how to manage Forms in Talenta. Learn how to make changes to Talenta Forms settings here. Find recommended add-ons and products for you, here.