How to Manage Review Cycles That Have Been Made on Talenta Performance

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On the Review Cycle menu page, there is a list of review cycles that you have previously created according to the steps in the guide here. After the review cycle is made, then you can start to manage it.

The following shows a list of review cycles that have been made:

  1. Select one of the review cycles that you want to manage, by clicking "Actions". So, you can perform actions, namely, View detail, Update repeat date cycle, Unlock review result, and Delete.
  2. If you select View details, then you will be taken to a view like the following.

    - Time Frame: Displays the selected assessment period.
    - Review Period: Displays the time of the assessment.
    - Employees: The number of employees added for the cycle.
    - Review: Displays the progress of the task status in one particular cycle.
    - Actions: You can perform the Publish score action to publish scores to employees (optional). Even though it's not published, HRD can still draw reports. Action Detail to view detailed cycle information. Action Extend period to extend the cycle period.

  3. The following is what it looks like if you select Detail.
    No.  Menu Description
    1 Manager reviews To enter the Manager Review view.

    In this tab section, there will be other tabs, such as 360 Review, Team Review, or Self Review if any.

    2 Checklist To select members in bulk.
    3 Add member(s) To add members who will be included in the assessment period.
    4 View/edit Templates View and change the question template used for the method.
    5 Bulk action There are two bulk action options to choose from, namely:
    • Bulk adjustment score: to make adjustments in bulk by way of uploading.
    • Bulk add review: to add reviewers in bulk by way of uploading.
    6 Search Employees To help find employees by name/position.
    7 View Results To display the results of the employee's review cycle.
    8 Point three

    To perform the following actions.
    Reviewer list: to display a list of reviewers.
    Set reviewer weight: to set the rating weight.
    Edit reviewer: to add or remove reviewers.
    Edit indicator score: To edit the indicator score.
    -  Download result as PDF:  To download review results in PDF.
    Delete member: to delete employees.

  4. You can add reviewers if needed by clicking "Edit Reviewer" and selecting the reviewer's name. The name of the selected reviewer will move to the right. The following is an explanation of the Add Reviewer view.
    No. Menu Description
    1. Search bar To search for a particular employee name or ID.
    2. Filter To select the desired reviewer category
    3. List of Employees Displays a list of reviewers, consisting of:
    • Recommendation: Displays reviewer recommendations based on the selected method.
    • Other: Displays all names of other employees who can also be selected as reviewers.
    4. Selected Employee(s). Displays the name of the selected reviewer.
    5. Reset All To reset the selected reviewer.
  5. Click "Save", then the added reviewers will be seen here.
  6. Meanwhile, to add reviewers in bulk to all cycle members or employees in the cycle, you can click "Bulk action" and select "Bulk add reviewer".
  7. Then download the template and complete it with the reviewer's employee ID for each cycle member, if so, click "Choose file" and "Submit" to continue.
  8. Apart from that, you can also change the score in bulk to all cycle members or employees in the cycle by clicking "Bulk Action" and selecting "Bulk adjustment score".
  9. Then download the template and complete it with the values ​​adjusted for each cycle member, if you click "Choose file" and click "Submit" to continue.
  10. You can also check employee names and click “Action” to:
    Button Name Description
    Assign reviewers To add reviewers to selected employees.
    Upload reviewers To upload reviewers in bulk to selected employees.
    Set reviewer weight Determining the weight of the assessment, if there is a division of the reviewer's weight on the selected employees.
    Upload adjustment scores Make changes to the value via upload on selected employees.
    Download pdf Download the review results of selected employees.
    Delete members To delete the selected employees.
  11. After the reviewer has been successfully added, then on the reviewer's account, the reviewer will get a Task to provide an assessment.

This is a guide on how to manage the review cycle that has been made on Talenta Performance. Furthermore, you can learn how to Auto Assign on Talenta Performance here.