How to Manage Approval in Live Attendance

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Through Talenta, you can manage the approval route for employees who request live attendance. You can customize this approval pathway and the layers and PIC (Person in Charge), either for a division/team or an individual. Hence, every request for live attendance will need approval from the PIC.

Follow these steps to set live attendance approval for Super Admin:

  1. Enter the Company Settings menu.
  2. Click the ESS tab and select Approval.
  3. Click “Edit” in the Request sequence to organize the submission.
  4. Then, you can set the auto-approval feature in the pop-up that appears. Check "Enable automatic approval based on cut off" so that requests are automatically accepted/rejected by the system based on a certain date that you can set according to company policy.
No. Setting Name Explanation
1. Auto approval type You can select the following types of automatic settings:
  • Auto approve: Click to activate and set the feature that accepts live attendance applications automatically.
  • Auto reject:  Click to activate and set the feature that automatically rejects live attendance applications.
2. Auto approval date Select one of the settings based on the time whether this request is  approved  or  rejected  by the system.
  • Cut off attendance: Employee requests are  approved  or  rejected  automatically when calculating the cut-off attendance according to the date you have set in the cut off attendance settings. 
  • Cut off payroll: Employee requests are  approved  or  rejected  automatically when calculating cut-off payroll according to the date you have set in the cut-off payroll settings. 
  • Custom date: Employee requests are  approved  or  rejected automatically on the date you determine yourself. Make sure to input the date here.
3. Auto approval occurs Choose when this  auto approval/rejection  occurs:
  • Exact date: The same date as the Auto approval date setting.
  • Before date: The day before with the Auto approval date setting.
  • After date: The day after with the Auto approval date setting.
  1. Click “Save” to save the requested policy changes.
  2. Then, you can set the live attendance request approval policy by clicking "Edit" in the Approval sequence.
  3. Here, you can add a list to whom (subjects) the approval settings apply by clicking "Add More".
  4. The Settings column functions to select to whom (subject) this approval setting will apply. You can make settings with several options (all employees, job, organization, job level, employee ID, branch, and SBU (Strategic Business Unit)).
  5. Hence, based on the filter you have selected, you can select the Value category filter for specific details.
  6. If Auto Ascend is checked, if approval for the job position is empty, the request will be forwarded to the job position on the top layer.
  7. In the Position column, there is Up Down which functions to move the subject order. In the example image below, if you click "UP DOWN" on the Employee ID subject, the Employee ID position will move down and the All Employee subject will move up.

    You can read the settings as follows:
    Subject Sequence 1:  Employee ID;  Value:  11158227 - Maulidia Saputri
    Subject Sequence 2:  Organization;  Value:  HRD
    If employee A has a job level as Head, then the system will select from sequence 1 first, does employee A fall into the subject category in sequence 1?
    If not, the system will continue the selection process to the next request sequence position, until the system finds a subject that matches the position of Employee A, which is in 2nd place, and applies the approval sequence that has been applied to that position.

    Hence it can be concluded, that if you want to apply an exception (the approval path is different from the general one), you can place it at the top and can be sorted from the most specific to the most general (All Employees).

  8. Click "Rule" to determine the approver layer.
  9. Approval lists can be created in more than one layer by clicking the "Add more" button on the approval rule page so that the request can only be approved if it has been approved by several levels of approval.
  10. Then, in the Settings column you can select approval based on Upper Job PositionEmployee ID, or Consultant.
  11. Enter  the Request Type.

    Requested : Employees can make their requests.
    Requester : Employees cannot make their requests.

  12. Fill in the Value column  based on the Job Position level that has approval.

    - Value filled in 1: If GA Staff requests time off, then the approval is from the HRD & GA Supervisor.
    - Value to be filled in 2: If GA Staff requests time off, then the approval is from the HRD & GA Manager.

  13. Click "Close" to save.
  14. Click "Save" to save the Live Attendance request approval policy.

This is a guide on how to arrange approval for live attendance. Next, you can learn how to manage employee transfer approval here.