How to Send Birthday Greetings on Talenta Mobile

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In Talenta, if the company activates Birthday greetings, employees can send birthday greetings to each other. Later, employees will receive these greetings from their colleagues via their Talenta mobile account. Here are the steps.

  1. Enter your Talenta Mobile
  2. Then click the “Calendar” menu.
  3. You can click "View all events this month" if you want to see who has a birthday in that month.
  4. Then, you will see who has a birthday in that month. And click “employee name” to wish birthday.
  5. Click "Send greeting" to send birthday greetings.

    You can only send greetings to colleagues on birthdays up to D+1.

  6. And the birthday greetings that will be received will be like this.

This is an explanation of how to send birthday greetings on Talenta Mobile. Next, you can learn how to view Announcements on Talenta Mobile.