How to Create Alignment Between Goals

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Through Talenta Performance Management, you can  create goals of several types, such as Individual, Team, Organization, and Company. Goals in a company can be continuous with each other, where every development of Goal A (child goal) will influence the development of Goal B   (parent goal) . Therefore, Talenta provides the  Align goal  feature to connect child goals with parent goals.

Apart from using the desktop, you can create alignment between goals with the Align parent goal feature via the Talenta Mobile App on your smartphone. To learn how, click here.

Following are the steps to  Align goals.

  1. Login to your Talenta Performance Review Account .
  2. Select Goals and you can select the type of goal you want to create, namely Individual, Team, Organization, or Company.
  3. In the list of goals, click the "Three dots" icon then click   "Align parent goal".

    Or, click the "Three dots" icon then click  "View details".

    If you click "View details" , then you will see the following display. Then, click " Align parent goal”.

  4. Therefore, a pop-up like the following appears. Click the Align goal column , then select one of the goals that you want to align with the goal you have chosen. Or, type the goal name in the Align goal column to search for the goal name directly. You can also align with the KR of the parent goal (if any) by selecting the KR name at this stage.
  5. If the data has been inputted, click "Submit".

This is a guide on how to create an alignment between goals using the Web version of Talenta Performance Management. Apart from using your desktop, you can create alignment between goals via your smartphone, read the guidebook here.