Goals List Page on the Talenta Mobile App Overview

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You can manage the goals created on the goals list page via the Talenta web version or the Talenta Mobile App. That way, you can manage the goals you want to achieve, whether from individual, team, organizational, or company categories, only by using your your smartphone.

All roles can access this feature and can create all types of goals depending on the access specified in the settings, for example approval for editing goals.

The following is a glimpse of the goals list page on the Talenta Mobile App.

  1. Open your Talenta Mobile Application and select the Goals menu.
  2. Then, you will be directed to the following page.
No. Button/Column Name Description
1 Search bar Click to search for a specific goal by typing a keyword in the goal list.
2 Goal type Click to filter the goal list based on goal type, namely Individual, Team, Organization, or Company.
3 Create goals Click to create a new goal. Learn how here.
4 Need approval This button appears when you are on the approval path for a goal. Click to open a list of proposed creations, changes, or updates to goals that require your approval.

Hence, you can open the application and take action to  approve  or  reject  the create, edit, or update goal and add notes to it.
5 Ongoing goals Click to filter the list based on the goal status being On going, Closed, or Requested.
6 Filter Click to filter goals based on specific employees as follows. You can check the checkbox for the names of the employees you want to appear in the list, search for specific employees via the Search bar, or delete the names that have been checked by clicking Deselect all. Click “Apply” to apply the filter.
7 List of goals You can see details of the goals you have created by clicking on the goal. To learn how to manage the goals you have created, you can read the guide by clicking here.

That's a glimpse of the goals list page on the Talenta Mobile App. Apart from goals, you can also manage reviews through the Talenta application. Learn the guide here.