How to Update, Edit, Close and Delete Goals via Talenta Mobile Apps

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After creating goals, you can perform various actions such as updating, editing, closing, and deleting goals via the Talenta web version or the Talenta Mobile App. That way, you can manage the goals you want to achieve, whether from individual, team, organizational, or company categories, just via your smartphone.

All roles can access this feature and can create all types of goals depending on the access specified in the settings, for example approval for editing goals.

Following are the steps for managing goals via the Talenta Mobile App.

  1. Open your Talenta Mobile Application and select the Goals menu.
  2. Click on the goal you want to manage.
  3. To update progress/update achievements on the goal, click "Update progress".
  4. Therefore, you can change the goal status by clicking on the "Not Updated" section. Click On Track if the goal is on track. Or, click "Off Track" if the goal does not go according to the target.
  5. You can also update information on goals as follows.
No. Button/Column Name Description
1 Progress If the progress on the Key Result is updated, the Key Result with a different measurement unit than the goal will still affect the number of progress goals as well as the same measurement unit.
2 Notes Add notes here if necessary.
3 Effective date Determine the effective date for this goal, which is optional.
4 Add attachments Click “Choose file” to select an attachment to include in this goal as proof of achievement. Hence, you can choose where the attached document comes from, such as  Photo Library, Take Photo, or Choose Files.
  1. Click “Save” to save, then the following confirmation pop-up appears, and click “Submit”.
  2. Therefore, the goal has been successfully updated and the progress of the goal will also change if the progress has been updated.
  3. Click the “three dots” icon to perform the following actions.

    - Edit: Click to edit the details of the goal that has been created.
    - More setup: Click to set additional settings for the goal.
    - Close goal: Click to lock goal access, so that the goal cannot be updated or edited.
    - Delete: Click to delete the goal.

  4. If you click More setup”, then you will be directed to the following page. Here, you can manage additional settings on the goal.
No. Button/Column Name Description
1 Goal description Add a description to this goal.
2 Do not round the percentage of goals & KR achievements Click on the box to disable automatic rounding on goal and Key Result Achievement percentages.
3 Repeat measurement and reset after cycle end Click on the box to repeat and reset the goal measurement after a goal cycle ends.
4 Goal progress mechanism

If your goal does not have a Key result, then you can choose one of two options for updating the progress of the goal or key result mechanism here, namely:

- Update value accumulation: Click to update all accumulations achieved manually.

- Update value per event: Click to update the accumulation based on each event. The system will automatically accumulate the value.

If your goal has a Key result that has been set, then you can select the Goal progress mechanism on the Key result tab. Learn how here.

  1. Click “Submit” to save changes.
  2. Therefore, additional settings for the goal have been successfully saved.

This is a guide on how to update, edit, close and delete goals via the Talenta Mobile App. Apart from creating goals, you as the approver line holder, can accept or reject goal edit applications via the Talenta Mobile App. Learn the guide here.