How to Process Onboarding as an Employee via Talenta Mobile

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Companies can implement an Onboarding process for new employees. This process can be done via the Talenta Mobile application. New employees who have received an invitation to use Talenta can download the Talenta Mobile application via the Play Store or App Store.

In the Onboarding process, new employees can carry out a series of tasks assigned by the company via Talenta Mobile. Follow these steps to find out how to process Onboarding as a new employee.

  1. On your Talenta Mobile main page, if HR has arranged Onboarding for new employees, you will get a push notification or an Onboarding stage column that you can click.
  2. After that, you are directed to the following page. On the Onboarding page, there is your complete information (Employee ID, full name, email, date you were invited to use Talenta and the Onboarding process completeness bar). You can click on the information.

    Then, you will be on the Personal info page, where complete information about yourself is displayed.

    You can change your personal data if there is information that is not appropriate by clicking "Request change data".

  3. On the Mobile Talenta Onboarding page, you can see the to-do list that HR has created for you. Click the “>” icon to see the details of the to-do list.

    The following is an example of a detailed display of your Onboarding to-do list.
No. Column/Button Name Description
1 To do

Click to change the status of this task.
- To do:  Tasks not yet done.
- In progress:  The task is being carried out.
- Done: The task is complete.

2 Assignee List of employees assigned to this task.
3 Due date The maximum date this assignment can be submitted.
4 Attachment Attachments provided by the Assignee regarding this assignment. Click the “download” icon to download it.
5 Activity A timeline of your activities related to this assignment.
6 Add attachment Add attachments to upload to the timeline.
7 Add activity Add activities related to this task in the timeline.
  1. In the next section, you can see a list of forms that you need to fill out. Click the “>” icon to open and complete the form.
  2. Then, click "Start" to start filling in the form.

    There are 2 (two) status forms as follows:
    - Pending: Not yet filled in.
    - Submitted: Already filled in.

  3. The next section contains a list of documents that you can download by clicking the "download" icon.
  4. In the Colleagues section, you can see a list of colleagues on your team. Click "View all" to see the complete organizational structure.

    Then, you will be directed to the Organization chart page as follows.
  5. At the bottom, there is Work locations, which is your work location. Click the "open" icon to see a map of the work location.

    Then, you will be directed to the Google Maps page for your work location.

This is a guide on how to process onboarding as an employee via Talenta Mobile. Apart from using the Talenta Mobile Application, you can also manage the Onboarding process via Talenta Web, learn the guide here.