How to Manage Multi Company Management

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Currently, Mekari Talenta provides a new feature called Multi Company Management, which allows you to access and manage a holding company in a way that is more organized. This access will be granted to specific roles responsible for managing the group company and providing user access. Here are the steps.

Please contact our support team via email to access the Multi Company Management page.

A. How to View Group Companies

  1. Click the profile icon at the top right and select Company Settings.
  2. Then click the “Group company” tab.
  3. Then you will see a list of company groups based on the Company name and Company ID data listed. In this case, you can find out the various companies that are in the same group as your company. This information is used for access and management purposes by the mentioned companies. Here is what it looks like.

    Parent group status at one of the companies can be optionally set by Mekari's internal team. This data was previously managed by Mekari's internal team.

B. How to Manage User Access

  1. Click on the profile icon at the top right and select Company Settings.
  2. Then click the "User access" tab.
  3. Then you will be directed to the following screen.
    No.  Nama Fitur Penjelasan
    1 Filter Origin company Filters that make it easier for you to filter data on Origin company.
    2 Filter Access to company Filters that make it easier for you to filter data on Access to company.
    3 Employee name The name of the employee who can access the entire Multi Company Management page.
    4 Employee ID Employee ID number.
    5 Origin Company The employee's company origin.
    6 Origin role Origin of the employee's role.

    Only the Super admin role can appear in the user list.

    7 Access to company List of companies that employees can access.
    8 Search bar Search column to make it easier for you to search for data related to Multi Company Management.
    9 Edit access To manage employee roles that can access and manage role access at other companies.
  4. Then select one of the employee names and click "Edit access".
  5. Then select employees who can access to other companies.

    The list will display only employees with the Super Admin role in the same ID group.

  6. Next, click "Add company" to determine the related company.
  7. Then select the company name in the following column.

    The selected company does not include your origin company.

  8. Next, click "Select role" to determine role access to the relevant company.

  9. Then select the role access.

    List of access roles based on the selected company.
    Company: New York Life Insurance Ltd.
    : List of access roles available in the New York Life Insurance Ltd company.