How to Monitor Employee Timesheet Reports

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Timesheet is one of the Talenta features that you can access via the main Time management menu. By utilizing this feature, you can manage functions related to task monitoring settings assigned to employees. Apart from that, you can also monitor the reports.

The following are the steps on how to monitor employee timesheet reports on the Tracker report page.

  1. Enter the Company Menu.
  2. Click "Tasks".

    Or select the Task tab here.

  3. Click Timesheet then click Summary.
  4. Then, you will be directed to the Tracker Report page as follows. You can see information ranging from information about employees, projects, tasks, and the start time of the activity.
No. Column/Button Name Description
1 Timesheet setting Click to manage timesheet settings for employees. Read the guide here.
2 Filter Click to filter the Tracker report list. You can filter by categories such as Employee, Branch, Organization, Job level, Project, Task, and Approval status. Based on these categories, you can check each option according to your reporting needs.
3 Period Click to determine the time range for your report. You can choose the start to end time of the period.
4 Export Click to download the report. 
5 Search bar Kype a specific employee's name to find their data in this list.

This is a guide on how to monitor employee timesheet reports on the Tracker report page. Furthermore, you can learn how to create tasks and projects here.