How to Manage Time Tracker through Talenta Mobile

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Apart from the web, you can manage Time Tracker via the Talenta Mobile App. You can take several actions to find out how long it takes an employee to complete a task or project. The actions you can take are Add Time Tracker, Start Time Tracker, and Request Time Tracker. The following are the differences between these three features.

  • Add Time Tracker:  Add a time tracker manually for future needs (not real-time).
  • Start Time Tracker: Start the time tracker count directly for immediate needs (real-time).
  • Request Time Tracker: Request a time tracker manually if your company applies an approval system for the time tracker feature.

Here are the steps.

  1. On your Talenta Mobile main page, scroll down and click “Go to time tracker”.
  2. Click on the icon “+” to Add time tracker (not real time).

    Or, click Start time tracker to start time tracker real-time.

    Information on the Time tracker form that appears and you must fill in may vary depending on your company's settings and policies. Make sure to get Time Tracker policy information from the policy provider at your company.

  3. Next, complete the time tracker form as follows.
No. Column/Button Name Description
1 What are you working on? Fill in a description of the task you are working on.
2 Select task Choose what tasks you work on.
3 Start time Select when to start this task.
4 End time Select the end time for this task.

If the time has expired according to the form you filled in, an option will appear to stop the task with a time entry as follows.

5 Select shift start Select the shift start time.
6 Select shift end Select the shift end time.
7 Select location Select your work location.

- Make sure the location settings on your smartphone are activated and allow the Talenta application to access your location information to avoid the following pop-up while starting the time tracker.

- You may also get a Start time tracker display like the following. Make sure you are in the location radius according to your Live attendance settings.

    1. Then, save it by clicking "Save" for the Entry time tracker or "Start" for the Start time tracker.
    2. Hence, the time tracker started. To stop it, click the “stop” icon as highlighted in the image below.
    3. However, if your company implements an approval system, the time tracker will start with Pending status until it gets approval from the approver line. Click on a time tracker to open its details.

      Following are the colors of the Timesheet indicator.

    4. Following are the details of the tasks with a time tracker.

      - There is a "Cancel request" button for tasks with a time tracker that still has Pending status, therefore you can request cancellation of the time tracker application for the task by clicking that button.
      - Click the "Triple dot" icon if you want to edit or delete this time entry task.

This is a guide on how to manage a time tracker via the Talenta Mobile App. Apart from that, you can learn how to create tasks via Talenta Mobile here.