Performance Review Cycle with Display Team Review Result for Manager

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In the Talenta Performance Review Cycle, there is a display team review result feature for managers. You can do this setting when creating New Cycle Performance Review. With this setting, managers can see the results of Team reviews of subordinates' forms or pending actions.

Here are the steps:

  1. Log in
  2. Click the Review Cycle menu.
  3. Click“Create New Cycle”.
  4. On the pop-up Create your cycle, pick Performance review. Enter the cycle name that will be made. Make sure the cycle name is complete and detailed like the image below. Then, click “Create”.
  5. Enable Review methods Manager review and Team review to get the display team review results feature for managers. After clicking Manage Manager review, click Manage Team review.
    • Then you can check the checkbox Display Team review result for manager after setting the General review method in Team review.

      To study this page in more detail, study the guidebook here.

  6. Return to Home page After completing a new performance review. Then, click “View all tasks” on pending actions.
  7. Click “View task” on the performance review list of Active Pending action page.
  8. Click “Actions” Then View team review result.
  9. On this page, as a manager, you can click Show review result/Hide review result to display the Display team review result as follows.

This is the display of the performance review cycle with the Display Team Review Result for Manager feature that has been activated.