How to Request Block Leave via Talenta Mobile

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Through Talenta Mobile, employees can apply for time offLeave rights for employees are adjusted to the employing company's policy and may vary. For example, financial services companies require employees to take Block Leave rights. 

It is important for you to know that block leave policy usually requires employees to take a minimum of 5 consecutive working days without a break. However, these regulations can vary from company to company. To apply for block leave, you need to know the policy that has been given to you or consult with your supervisor first.

Following are the steps to request block leave.

  1. Click the Request menu at the bottom, then click "Time Off".

  2. Select Time off type - Annual leave, then click the Block leave checkbox.

    If you click on the blue text "Learn more", a short guide will appear on how to take block leave as follows. To continue filling in the block leave request, click "Okay".

  3. Next, complete the following columns.
    No. Column Name Description
    1. Select date

    Choose from and until when you block leave. Then, click "Submit".

    - Block leave has a minimum of 5 days of leave.
    - Make sure your remaining block leave balance is sufficient.
    - Make sure you do not have leave that has been approved on the same date.

    2. Reason Determine your reasons for requesting block leave.
    3. Delegate to (optional) If you are on the approval line, choose an employee who will back up your approval line while you are on leave. This option is optional.
    4. Upload files Add your supporting files here.
  4. If the columns have been filled in completely, click "Submit request".
  5. After that, the request will be submitted successfully. You will be directed to a page containing details of the block leave application. At this stage, your request is being reviewed by your Supervisor/HR/Approver line. Because it is currently under review, your request status is Pending. You can return to the main page by clicking the “left arrow” icon.

    Click "Cancel request" if you do not request block leave.

  6. You can wait for approval from the Supervisor/HR/Approver line by accessing the time off request history page. Learn the guide here.

This is a guide on how to request block leave during the Talenta Mobile App time off. Apart from applying for block leave via the application, you can also do it via the web. Learn how here.