How to Create a PKWT Compensation Simulation

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Mekari Talenta has a PKWT payment simulation feature. This feature is important for large-scale companies to manage their budget every month and can be done before creating a new PKWT Compensation. With this feature, you can ensure that the required funds are available when the PKWT payment is due.

The following are the steps to carry out the PKWT payment simulation feature via Mekari Talenta.

  1. On the Dashboard page, click on the Payroll menu.
  2. Then, in the Government Regulations section, click "PKWT Compensation".
  3. Click the “Export” icon then click Payment compensation simulation.
  4. So, a pop-up like the following appears. Complete the pop-up.

    No. Column/Button Name Description
    1 Period Determine the PKWT simulation time range.
    2 Job position Check the job title for which you want to simulate PKWT.
    3 Organization Check the job division for which you want to simulate PKWT.
    4 Branch Check the company branch for which you want to simulate PKWT.
    5 Status Check the employment status of the employee whose PKWT you want to simulate.
    6 PKWT status

    Check the available PKWT statuses:
    - Processed: Select if you have created PKWT compensation and run payroll in the compensation period (appears in the balance).

    - Not processed: Select if you have not created PKWT compensation and have not run payroll in the compensation period or you have only just created PKWT compensation.

    - Select All : Select both. 

  5. Then, select “Export” to download the PKWT Compensation simulation in spreadsheet format.
  6. The following is an example of a downloaded PKWT Compensation simulation spreadsheet.

    The monthly simulation calculation is obtained from the PKWT compensation value divided by the employee's work contract period (months).

That's the guide on how to create a PKWT Compensation Simulation through Mekari Talenta.