Pipeline Hiring Tab on Manpower Planning Overview

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If you integrate Talenta Recruitment with Manpower Planning, there is an additional tab, namely Pipeline hiring. The data available on this page is adjusted to the data contained in the Talenta Recruitment Pipeline menu, along with the explanation.

To integrate Manpower Planning with Talenta Recruitment, you can contact support-hr@mekari.com.

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No Column Explanation
1 All Job position Button to filter based on certain job positions.
2 All Branch Button to filter data based on specific branches.
3 Publish Button to view published or unpublished data.
4 Search Column for searching based on certain keywords.
5 Job Position Displays a list of currently open positions.
6 Recruitment Stages Displays the stages of the ongoing recruitment process and the number of applicants in that stage.
7 See requisition Button to view requisition details for the selected job position.

That is the explanation regarding Pipeline Hiring in Manpower Planning. Next, you can also learn how to apply for Replacement in Manpower Planning.